"Turn off the Automatic Pilot and get into the Driver's seat, Take Control
And Really Understand What You're Doing With Your Money."
5 Day Challenge
In this 5 Day Challenge Master...
 - How to get over yourself, we all do dumb stuff with money!
- Where are you driving to and how you are going to get there.
- What are some of the roadblocks along the way. 

Rose Hepozden

By the time you’re hitting 60, there are quite a few things you should have sorted out in life. 

One of them is knowing how much you earn and how to manage it. I was a terrible flop at this. When I met Lynda, I had been in a prolonged state of pathetic ignorance about my finances.

Painlessly, I learned to live within my means. And it has been a huge relief. Lynda has guided, suggested, coaxed, instructed, and demonstrated so effectively.

Jessie Rolton

I recently invested in the Money and Me Program with Lynda and wow what an eye opener! 

Lynda has been amazing and incredibly helpful with me as I started to look at why I do the things I do with money - there was no judgement or pressure only reassurance and a commitment to help me understand.

 Not only do you get the support through out the course, Lynda also follows up afterwards to see how you're getting on, which for someone like me is priceless

It’s something that a lot of athletes are looking towards as another step in their journey to improving their fitness and having fun.
Scott Panchik
CrossFit Mentality, 5-time individual CrossFit Games veteran
Awesome event…extremely well organized, athletes are taken care of and good events that leave the athletes motivated to train hard rather than wrecked.
CJ Martin
Owner of CrossFit Invictus

Why Lynda?

I have a question for you, would you go and see a Fat Dietician? Probably not, they may be
great at their job they just don’t seem to be walking their talk.

Yet 12 years ago, that was me, only I wasn’t a dietician I was an accountant. I was looking after
clients who owned businesses, advising them on how to run their business, manage tax,
borrow money and everything else financially related.

I was just like the fat dietician, because what they didn’t know was that I was personally
$600k in debt! I was busy giving advice, but I wasn’t taking it myself. I’m the expert, I’m an
accountant, I should be able to manage my own money. But I couldn’t. 


I was busy looking at the numbers, but I had no idea back then how important money mindset was.

It took a very public meltdown in a restaurant for me to hit rock bottom and open my eyes
to the financial mess I was in, and more importantly do something about it.

I started thinking about my accounting clients and what happened to their businesses and
their money when ‘stuff’ happened to them, and I realised that I wasn’t the odd one out,
when things happen in life it gets even harder to focus on money and make good decisions
even when you had me, the accountant, working with you.
It didn’t matter how much I looked at the numbers that didn’t make any difference. It
was only when something clicked in the head that change was possible. I wanted to know how to make that ‘click’ in the mind happen and quickly!

I love researching, so I started searching for answers and I found that once my focus and my mind started to change so did my money.

I became my own crash test dummy….

What changed?

I went back to university to study psychology so I could understand more about how our
minds work. I found an expert in Dr David Krueger who has 35 years’ experience with money psychology, to teach me how to pull it all together.

I learned the distinction between a budget and a money plan.

I started saying No to myself and others about things that didn’t really matter to me and saying yes to what really mattered to me.

Most importantly I faced up to the fact that I wasn’t going to be able to ‘work’ my way out of $600k of debt so I had to make some very big decisions. I couldn’t carry on as I was, the stress was too much and it was starting to affect my health and wellbeing.

I put my accountants hat on and treated myself as I would a client and made the decision to sell my house and to sell the bulk of my accounting business, this would clear the bulk of the debt to a manageable level that I could service on my income.

I am a spender, and I enjoy spending money, but I now spend more purposefully and have much more fun doing it! I also learned how to make savings fun, which is pretty cool too.

I love working with clients on a one to one basis, but I wanted to reach and help more
people and the only way to do that is to put together a self-learning programme that you
can do in your own time, at your own pace that incorporates the key elements to taking
control of your money.

It has to incorporate both money mindset and practical money management skills as I
believe the two go hand in hand.

And that is exactly what we have created for you.

Love Lynda xx

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